Uber review

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Uber is a mobile app that allows a person to request and pay for a car service. The Uber app also helps riders to connect with the nearest driver, see the expected trip duration, and follow the driver's progress. Uber drivers use their own cars, and drivers are not required to have commercial licenses.


The game is available for download on both Android and IOS devices. The app is available in over 250 cities in over 50 countries. Users can sign up for Uber by entering their email address, creating a PIN and a password and entering a valid credit card in the app. After signing up, the user can request a car by tapping the Uber icon. A map will then pop up on the screen and show the locations of drivers near the user. The user can then choose the type of car they want to request and enter their destination. The user can also see the estimated fare and the expected time it will take for the driver to arrive. After the fare is calculated, the user has the option to accept or deny the trip.


Uber has a sleek, modern look, which is intuitive for players to navigate. The graphics are high quality, and the game is simple to play. The app is also available in many languages, including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

Data Access and Security of Uber

Uber has a privacy policy that protects a user's personal information. According to the policy, Uber does not share the user's information with any third party. The company also does not retain any of the user's information.


Overall, I think that Uber is a good application. It is easy to use and saves me time. It also provides me with a better form of transportation than my fellow students. I think that the app is great for students who live in cities that have Uber and want to travel at a low cost.



  • It is easy to use
  • You can see the driver’s progress on the map
  • You can see how many cars are near you
  • If you request an Uber and don’t want to wait, you can cancel it
  • You can call the driver if you have any questions or concerns
  • You can see the driver’s rating before you request them
  • It is more economical than other taxi services


  • The data is not encrypted and the security is not very good
  • The driver’s rating is not as reliable as the star rating of a taxi service
  • You have to wait for the Uber to be found