Heroes of the Dark™

Heroes of the Dark™ review

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Heroes of the Dark™ is a fantasy-themed collectible card game that is played on a mobile device, and is a new take on the genre. It combines the strategic depth of a collectible card game with a fast-paced, turn-based combat system. In Heroes of the Dark, you play as one of five heroes who have been trapped inside a dark, abandoned castle for centuries. Your mission is to explore the castle and solve its mysteries, fighting various monsters and finding clues to help you escape.


The gameplay of Heroes of the Dark is turn-based strategy. You are given a hero to play as, with the choice of playing solo or with friends. You are then tasked with defeating the evil forces that are invading the kingdom. You do this by commanding heroes, spells, and troops. There are also items that can be found during gameplay that can be used to upgrade your troops.

Heroes of the Dark™ consists of two phases, the first being a planning phase, where players create a deck from a library of cards, and then build a set of five cards that they will use in combat.

In the combat phase, players take turns playing cards from their hand, and use them to attack the hero on the other side of the board. Cards can also be used to heal, if the player's hero is damaged or to buff, if the hero is healthy. The gameplay of Heroes of the Dark is a mix of old-school RPG and a dungeon crawler. The game is divided into five levels, each one consisting of a set of interconnected rooms. The player navigates the castle by clicking on the ground to move, and interacts with objects and enemies by clicking on them. The player can also use a map to navigate the levels.


The graphics in Heroes of the Dark™ are a colorful, vibrant style. The cards have a pixelated appearance, and there is a general arcade quality to the visuals. The graphics of Heroes of the Dark are rather simple, but they still manage to create a gloomy atmosphere. The graphics engine is well-optimized and the game runs well on older computers as well as newer ones.


Heroes of the Dark™ is a finite game, meaning that there is a set number of cards that can be collected, and once the card is collected, it cannot be obtained again. With a finite number of cards to collect, the player can expect to have a different experience with each playthrough.


Heroes of the Dark is a turn-based strategy game where you can play solo or with friends. You play as a hero who is trying to save the kingdom from evil forces.


  • Graphics are well-done
  • Replayability is good
  • Gameplay is turn-based strategy


  • Difficulty of game can be high
  • Graphics are dark
  • No multiplayer mode