Squid Game: Challenge

Squid Game: Challenge review

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Squid Game: Challenge is a free Android game that is very similar to the popular mobile game "Flappy Bird". The player controls a squid that is trying to fly through a series of rings, with the player's goal being to make it through as many as possible.  The player starts with 3 lives, with one life being lost each time the player misses a ring. The player can earn a few more lives by getting a high score, but these extra lives are lost if the player loses a life as well. There is no goal besides getting as many as possible. Most people will agree that the best moments in life are the ones spent with the people you love. Friends, family, significant others, neighbors, classmates, pet owners, all will agree. The best moments are the ones where you are having fun.


The graphics in this game are very basic, with the squid being the only animated character. There are no other graphical objects in the background, which makes for a rather empty environment. The colors are very bright, but there is not a whole lot of detail. There is also no sound.


The gameplay is very simple and straightforward. The player is only required to tap the screen to keep the squid flying. The difficulty of the game is very easy, and the player is able to complete it after only a few tries. The difficulty level of the game can be changed by tapping the gear symbol at the top of the screen. Squid Game: Challenge is a puzzle game that consists of 6 rounds of games. The first 5 rounds are of games that are usually played by kids, but the 6th round is a game that is usually played by adults. It is a game of survival, and the player must survive for 3 minutes. The gameplay of the game is very interesting. There are many different games to play with different levels of difficulty. For example, the first game that you will play is called "Red Light, Green Light" which is one of the most popular games in the world.


As far as replayability goes, the player will likely be able to play this game for a short amount of time before they become bored. The only way to continue the game is to start over from the beginning.


Squid Game: Challenge is a game created by the developers at Filipera Games. It is a game that is designed to be played by anyone, but is mostly played by kids. Squid Game: Challenge is available for iOS and Android.


  • The games are free
  • There are 6 rounds of games
  • The graphics are of high quality
  • The game is designed for anyone to play


  • The replayability is not very high
  • The game is not very interactive
  • The game is mostly played by kids