The Sims™ 4

The Sims™ 4 review

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At first glance, it can be difficult to tell what this game is about. The Sims™ 4 is a life simulation game, where the player takes on the role of an all-powerful god and is in control of every little detail of the game. The player creates their own world, from the weather to the people living in it. They create their own Sims and give them personalities, and control their actions. Every choice has an impact on the world, and the player can watch as their Sims live their lives, while also shaping their world.


The player has a set of goals to complete in order to progress in the game. The Sims™ 4 is split into six categories: Build, Buy, Create A Sim, Build, Career, and Social. The player begins at Build, and can work their way through the categories. The player needs to navigate the menu to find the appropriate category to complete their goal. They can either create something, or buy it. They can also buy objects to customize their Sim's home. The player also has the option to use the Gallery, where they can purchase content that other players have made.


The Sims™ 4 has beautiful graphics. The player can see their Sims and the world in all the detail. The player can zoom in to see the furniture and objects in their Sims' homes, or zoom out to see the vast environment that they have created. The player can also choose from a variety of camera angles, and watch as their Sims live their lives.


The Sims™ 4 is a game that has a lot of replayability. The player can play the game in different ways, and always have a different experience. They can set the game to have a specific goal, or they can just play the game to see their Sims interact with each other and have fun.


The Sims™ 4 is a game that will take up a lot of the player's time. If the player does not have the willpower to create a time limit for themselves, they can end up wasting their time on the game. However, the game is very entertaining, and the player can watch their Sims live their lives in detail. Even if the game gets boring for the player, they can reset the world and play it again, trying different goals and scenarios.


  • The Sims™ 4 is a time-consuming game that will take up a lot of the player's time
  • The player can watch their Sims live their lives, and customize them as they please
  • The player is in control of the world, and can shape it as they please
  • The graphics are beautiful, and the player can watch the Sims go on in detail


  • If the player is not careful, they can end up spending a lot of time on the game, and neglecting other aspects of their life
  • The player can also get bored of the game if they try to do the same thing over and over again