Teardown review

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Teardown is a game about crime artistry. Plan a daring heist, prepare the getaway routes, destroy every obstacle and leave the crime scene asap. Download Teardown and bring the ruckus!


Teardown gameplay is charged with adrenaline and thrilling sense of danger. It’s a game about heists, which you must carefully plan and artfully pull off.

Unlike in GTA, though, you won’t deal with police chases, patrol helicopters or SWAT coming down from the skies. Our Teardown review assures you: brains are your main weapon. Well, apart from sledgehammers, pipe bombs,  blowtorches, etc.

In each mission you’ll have a typical heist artist's goal: steal valuable paintings, nick computers with top secret info, burglarize important documents, and so on.

What sets Teardown apart from other sims is that the world around is completely destructible. And it’s no exaggeration!

Basically, everything is your weapon: trucks, cars, hammers. And mostly importantly, your brains. You get only 60 seconds to finish the pilferage once you trigger the alarm.

So, your best bet is to do some quality espionage and learn everything about your target. No matter if it’s a lavish baroque mansion with numerous Venuses de Milo or a decrepit shack at a town’s outskirts — looks can be quite deceptive in this game. 


Despite the humble Teardown system requirements, the game is satisfyingly immersive. It has somewhat Minecraftish aesthetics, since everything here is a bit “pixelated” and cubic: from sunflowers to shotguns and tractors. The way the environment responds to your actions is purely genius. Bang a wall with a hammer and its paint will fall off. Hammer again, and you’ll make a sizeable hole in it, just like in The Shining movie.

Teardown full game offers what other sims can only dream of: the limitless potential for razing things to the ground.

You can mount a crane, and remove the roof of a mansion if it pleases you. When things blow up, they produce a nice cumulative cloud of dust and particles.

So if you ever wanted to know what happens when dynamite interacts with a  costly porcelain toilet recreated after the one that Louis the XVIII used to own — you can find out. (There must be one somewhere there).

Lasting Appeal

Teardown latest version has 22 levels to offer, And in each you can devise a unique method of wreaking havoc and completing the mission before the timer runs out.

It’s not the easiest game, though. Every successful solution takes a lot of trial and error. Luckily, you can save your progress and restart a mission from the point in game before things went baloney.


Teardown has the classic PC first-person shooter controls. Although, it’s not a shooter at all. But the classic mouse + WASD combination is there to make concrete truck hijacking or smokegun operating easy and intuitive.


If you enjoy a good brain squeeze and collapsing buildings equally — download Teardown. It has plenty of both.


  • Destructible worlds
  • Strategic gameplay
  • Adrenaline-powered missions


  • Physics may glitch
  • No enemy interactions
  • Some missions are pretty tough