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Stardew Valley review

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Stardew Valley is a farming simulator with RPG elements. The player takes on the role of a person who inherits a farm from their recently deceased grandfather. The player must take care of the farm, plant crops, raise livestock, and interact with the residents of the town. Stardew Valley is a farming simulation video game with some RPG elements. The game is about starting a new life in a farm in the small town of Stardew Valley. The player takes care of his or her farm, plants crops, and gets to know the townspeople. The player can also explore the nearby caves, clear out the forest, and so on. The game was released in February 2016 and was developed by Chucklefish.


The player plants crops, takes care of livestock, and must interact with townspeople to make friends. The player must also manage their energy, stamina, and health levels. The player will have to take care of their farm as they play, planting crops, watering them, and harvesting them when they grow. Every season in Stardew Valley has its own crops, and in order to plant a crop the player must have seeds, water, and fertilizer. Players can also go fishing, and must use bait, a fishing rod, and a fishing hole.

Players don't have a set number of days to play, but there is a day-night cycle that will affect the availability of certain crops.

The gameplay of Stardew Valley is divided into two phases. In the first phase, the player manages his or her farm. The player plants and harvests crops, and takes care of animals (chickens, cows, and sheep). The player plant and harvests decorative and fruit trees, and also takes care of the farm animals. The player can also forage and fishing. In the second phase, the player explores the nearby caves, clear out the forest, and so on.


The game has cartoonish, pixelated graphics, with 16-bit color. The graphics in Stardew Valley are pixel-based, with 8-bit color palettes. The game's backgrounds are hand-drawn, whereas the player character and items are pixel-based.


Players will have to start over from scratch in order to experience the game in a different manner, but will also be able to trade items with other players. The game has many different endings, and even though the player can complete the game in about 80 hours, there is plenty of new content to explore.


Stardew Valley is a small-town farming simulator with some RPG elements. The player takes care of a farm, plants crops, and takes care of animals. Players can also forage, fish, and trade items with other players. It is a very relaxing game that is available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.


  • The game has a very relaxing atmosphere, which means that it is a good game to play after a long day


  • The game is not available on mobile devices