Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves review

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Sea of Thieves is an online multiplayer pirate game where players are thrown into a vast world of exploration, quests, and fortune. The game is a shared-world pirate adventure game set in a giant open world, shared by a number of players who can form a crew and set foot on the ground to explore.

Sea of Thieves is a multiplayer game with co-operative gameplay, set in a pirate themed world. The game is played by up to four players being members of a pirate crew, who take on the roles of captain, sailors, navigator, and lookout. The players take control of the crew of a pirate ship, sailing from island to island, undertaking quests, and fighting other pirate crews.


The graphics of the Sea of Thieves game are not the best, but they are not bad either. The water looks beautiful and the islands are nicely designed, but when you get close to a person it becomes clear that the graphics are not the best.

Sea of Thieves is a rather simple looking game. The islands are rather plain looking and the textures don't really seem to be of a high resolution. The game does look like a lot of fun, but I'm not sure if it is worth the price tag.


Sea of Thieves is a game that allows players to create a pirate and set sail on the high seas. Once you are on the open sea, players can explore the world, battle skeletons, find treasure, and much more. The controls are easy and the gameplay is fun and exciting.

Sea of Thieves offers some interesting gameplay. The game is played by a group of up to four players with each player taking on a different role. The first few hours of the game are quite slow-paced, but that is because the game is teaching you the different gameplay functions.


The controls are very easy to learn and can be picked up by anyone. The gameplay is very easy to learn and the controls are very intuitive.

The controls for Sea of Thieves are really easy to get used to. It is a very simple game and there isn't that many buttons to worry about. 


This game has a lot of replay ability, most players will be able to play it for hours on end and not get tired of it. If players want to play it with their friends there are plenty of reasons to keep coming back. I think people who are into multiplayer games and especially those who love pirates would enjoy it more.


Sea of Thieves is an incredible game that offers players a wide array of gameplay. The gameplay is fun and easy to learn and the graphics are not bad. The controls are intuitive and there is a lot of replayability. I would recommend it to people who are into multiplayer games and pirate genre.


  • Sea of Thieves is a swashbuckling pirate adventure
  • The game is filled with quests
  • Players can interact with other ships and their crews
  • Players can explore an open-ended world
  • It's a good game to play with friends


  • It's hard to play alone