Kindle review

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Kindle is an e-book application manufactured by Foxconn and marketed by Amazon. It was released 12 years ago, to be more precise, in November 2007. Kindle is a separate physical device that you can purchase in the shops, but the Kindle app allows you to install certain software on any mobile device and turn it into a Kindle.

Carry your Kindle eBooks with you

The Kindle app is completely free to install and download. For now, it is available on the iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, and macOS platforms. It allows you to turn your iPhone, computer, or tablet into a Kindle, so you can take your favorite books with you wherever you go, and do not worry if you forget the physical Kindle e-book at home.

The first such application was released in 2009 for the Microsoft Windows platform. It allows users to read the books on the computer with no Kindle device required. After one year, the releases for Android, macOS, and iOS were launched. All the e-books that you purchase on Amazon automatically appear in your application after the transaction. But only Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime members can choose and download eBooks directly in the Kindle app. Actually, it is not convenient but was made to force people to buy a premium subscription.

Tons of amazing features

In fact, the Kindle app is a really advanced application for reading on mobile devices. It has tons of exciting features. Not in vain, the application has so many downloads and positive reviews on sites. So, after downloading Kindle, you will get the opportunity to:

  • Read one sample book every day for free;
  • Browse across the large library that contains not only books but also newspapers, magazines, graphic novels, and so on. All with a high-quality and high-resolution images;
  • To customize the book’s appearance as you wish by changing the font style, size, and much more;
  • Regulate screen brightness and select page color;
  • Use Kindle’s unique features like X-Ray, Whispersync, Page Flip, Print Replica, flashcards, and so on;
  • To translate the unknown words inside the app;
  • Make and share the highlights, etc.

There are only a small number of all available options the application has. If you do not know what to read, you can browse Amazon charts such as The Top 20 Most Read & Most Sold fiction. They are updated each week. Besides, there are tons of Kindle deals and recommendations made exactly for you.


  • Large library of available books, newspapers, magazines, and so on
  • The opportunity to customize your reading experience
  • Free to install and download
  • The opportunity to regulate page color and brightness


  • No version for Windows Phone
  • The premium subscription is relatively expensive