It Takes Two

It Takes Two review

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It Takes Two is a game that was a Kickstarter and developed game by a company called Pixel Press. It is an arcade game that is played with a controller and two Joy-Cons. The player moves the character, named One, with the left Joy-Con and the player’s character, Two, with the right Joy-Con. One player moves with the left Joy-Con and the other player moves with the right Joy-Con. The player’s objective is to get from the bottom of the screen to the top of the screen before time runs out.

If you enjoy competitive games and do not mind playing with other people online, It Takes Two is the perfect game for you. This game is a cross between chess and tic-tac-toe. The goal is to get to the other side of the board before your opponent does. Controls are easy for anyone to learn, and the graphics are good.


The graphics are great for this game. Each tile is large enough to be seen, and there is enough space in between tiles to make it easier to play.

It Takes Two has a cartoon-style graphics. The colors of the game are mostly light colors with a few sections being dark colors. The graphics are not too detailed.


The gameplay is very easy to learn. There are a few different ways to play the game, each with its own set of strategies. The gameplay is very simple. The player must get the character from the bottom of the screen to the top of the screen before time runs out. When the player reaches the top of the screen, the level is completed. The player can collect coins to gain points, but the main focus is on getting to the top of the screen before time runs out.


The controls are easy to learn. The game doesn't have many buttons to press, which is great for those who don't like complicated games. The controls are very simple. The player moves the character with the left Joy-Con, and the other character with the right Joy-Con.


The replayability is high due to the game being a very quick game. The player can play the game for one minute and then can move on to the next game. This game is very replayable. There are many different ways to play, and there is no way to know what your opponent will do next.


Overall, It Takes Two is a very good game. It is easy to learn and has a lot of replayability. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes competitive games. It Takes Two is a very simple game that is quick and easy to play. The game is not very detailed and the player only needs one Joy-Con to play the game.


  • This game is fun for people of all ages
  • It's easy to set up
  • It can be played anywhere
  • It can be played with any amount of people


  • It can be difficult to come up with ideas It can be hard to keep the game going without any new ideas