Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V review

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In the expansive game world of Grand Theft Auto V, we follow the intricate narrative of a young opportunist who falls under the guidance of an aging ex-criminal, facing the challenges of a hard-earned retirement. Pressed by circumstances, they undertake a grand job to settle a debt. This task garners them national visibility, painting a target on their backs from corrupt law enforcement, vengeful ex-comrades, rival crime syndicates, relentless fitness enthusiasts, and even powerful players in Hollywood. 

Immerse in an Exquisite Virtual Cityscape

One of GTA V’s greatest selling points is its impeccable technical prowess. Its rendition of Los Santos is nothing short of stunning, with unprecedented attention to detail. Engage in a ride around the city, and you’ll be mesmerized by the visual spectacle of a setting sun cast over a picturesque hillside, with awe-inspiring shadow effects and realistic movements in the foliage. This love letter to detail continues in the varied and large-scale map, brimming with diverse landscapes, each radiating a distinct character.

A Roller-Coaster Ride down a Treacherous Path

While the overarching narrative does feel cliché and exaggerated, it is still sturdy enough to maintain the spirit of the game. That said, the characterization can sometimes verge onto the cartoonish. Michael's arc, for instance, lacks freshness. Franklin seems vanilla too, but as the introductory persona, he lends familiarity, making him relatable. Trevor, with his volatile humor and ultra-violent tendencies, however, steals the spotlight. Although the plot lacks complexity, it's made up for with high-energy set-pieces and a plethora of memorable missions. 

Amplifying the Fun Quotient

The game’s side quests build on the quirky vibe of the main narrative. Additionally, the expanded range of vehicles enhances the exploration experience. A noticeable improvement over its predecessor is the refined driving controls. To stir up some havoc, you have a slew of weapons at your disposal, customizable to your liking. However, tread cautiously, as law enforcement is more tenacious than in previous titles.

An Experimental Social Affair

GTA V proposes an ongoing online experience, ideal for those seeking unlimited gaming, provided you have a robust group of players. While the online platform can be a mixed bag, it demands a shot for its promise of endless fun.

A Grand Offering of Visceral Delights

To sum up, Grand Theft Auto V is a video game that guarantees quality entertainment with its extensive single-player content. Its visual and audio designs make the gameplay an immersive experience. The storyline, while not particularly complex, manages to keep you hooked with exciting missions and over-the-top set pieces. A fine addition to the Grand Theft Auto series, it should be a part of any gamer’s library.


  • Unprecedented visual design and attention to detail
  • Enthralling missions and set-pieces
  • Diverse vehicle and weapon customization options
  • Wide spectrum of fun side quests


  • Cliché and slightly overblown storyline
  • Increased police aggression making wanton destruction a bit of a challenge
  • Online community issues, reliant on having a group of players