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Going Medieval is a medieval-themed building simulation game developed by Crazy Monkey Games. The game's story begins in 1312, when a mysterious fire sweeps through a medieval renaissance fair. The player starts in a modern day museum, and, in order to escape the fire, must solve a series of puzzles. The player is transported back to 1312, where he or she must rebuild the medieval renaissance fair. Going Medieval is a medieval-themed, turn-based strategy game. Players take turns building a castle, recruiting loyal subjects, and fighting against their opponents.

Going Medieval is a medieval-themed, turn-based strategy game. Players take turns building a castle, recruiting loyal subjects, and fighting against their opponents.


In the game, the player has to build a medieval renaissance fair in a fictional medieval kingdom, paving roads, constructing a castle, and creating a prestigious town square. The player can also create a town market, a river canal, a royal palace, and a medieval university. The player is given a variety of types of buildings, including houses, stores, and temples.

The player takes control of a knight and must complete various tasks. These tasks include fighting enemies, collecting treasure, and rescuing an NPC. Fighting includes attacking and defending, and the player must also be mindful of the knight's health. The knight can also collect treasure and gold, and these items can be used for upgrades. The knight can also rescue NPC's by throwing jugs of water on them. The player can also collect power-ups that will temporarily boost the knight's power. There is also a time mechanic that restricts how long the knight can be in a level before the knight dies and the player is sent back to the beginning of the level. The knight can only do so much in each level before he dies, and if the knight dies, the player must start the level over. This mechanic is what makes the game so difficult, because it forces the player to be strategic about their moves.


The graphics in Going Medieval are 3D and medieval-themed. The players can customize their fair by choosing the colors of the buildings and the materials they are made of. Going Medieval's graphics are cartoonish and simple. The colors are bright and vibrant, and the animations are well done. The game goes into detail about what the knight is doing at the moment, which is good because the game may not be easy to understand.


Going Medieval is a building simulation game, so there is no explicit replayability. The game has a few bugs, but it's still worth playing. The game isn't difficult enough to make players want to replay it, but the game is still fun to play.


Going Medieval is a great game for people who are looking for a medieval-themed game with plenty of action. The gameplay is satisfying, and the graphics are enjoyable. The game has a fair amount of replayability, but the game lacks in some areas, such as information about what's going on in the game.


  • The player can customize the medieval renaissance fair to suit his or her preferences and to create a unique medieval town square
  • The game is not too difficult and is suitable for people of all ages
  • The game is free to download
  • The game is simple
  • The game is enjoyable
  • The game has good graphics


  • The game has repetitive gameplay and is not very challenging
  • The player cannot choose the overall layout of the town square and has to use the default layout