Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts review

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Gang Beasts is an indie fighting game developed by Boneloaf. In the game, players fight each other as well as various environmental hazards. The game supports up to four players either locally or online, and can be played either in teams or free-for-all. Gang Beasts is a fighting game in which the player controls one of several characters in a variety of arenas. The player's objective is to knock the other player off the level. The player does this by punching and kicking their opponent.


The game is controlled with a single joystick, which is used to move and to fight. On the screen, the player has two buttons, one button for kicking and one for punching, and three directional buttons for dodging. The player can also move the joystick in any direction to attack other players or the environment. Players can win the game in two ways: by knocking out their opponents or by collectively causing the most damage to the environment.

The game is split into two rounds, with points being awarded in each round. In the first round, the player has to knock the other player off the level, and in the second round, the player has to stay alive for as long as possible. The game does not have any life bars, so the player has to use their knowledge of the arena and the opponent to survive.


The game's art style is very cartoony and exaggerated, which is appropriate given that the game is a fighting game. The graphics are mostly in the style of low-poly 3D, and there is a lot of bright and vibrant colors.

Information about replayability

There are 10 different character classes in the game, each with their own unique fighting styles. The game also includes a training mode and a tutorial mode to help players learn the game.


If you want a game for a relatively low price that is easy to learn, but difficult to master, and that is lighthearted and fun, then I would recommend Gang Beasts.


  • The game is fairly low-budget, meaning that it is possible to purchase it for a relatively low price
  • The game has a large player base, meaning that it is easy to find other players to play with
  • The game is humorous and lighthearted, meaning that it is a fun game to play
  • The game is easy to learn


  • The game is not particularly graphically intensive, meaning that it may not be able to run on older computers
  • The game has a limited number of game modes
  • The game is very difficult to learn and master