Fortnite review

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Synonymous with exhilarating chases and nail-biting showdowns, Fortnite stands firm as an unassailable titan in the battle royale genre. Affectionately dubbed 'The Technicolor Titan,' the game manages to charm battle royale enthusiasts with its consistently evolving gameplay, impressive design aesthetics, and robust construction mechanics. It remains a delectable treat for fans and novices alike, despite occasional cloudy patches of combat glitches and an overwhelming sprinkle of microtransactions.

Breaking Down the Battle Royale Behemoth

Unraveling its rainbow skein, Fortnite offers two main game modes- the PvE (player vs. environment) setup called 'Save the World' and the dominant alter ego 'Battle Royale.' The latter stands sturdy as the lifeline of the game, drawing in players into a delightful playground where they dance around zany landscapes, construct their quirky forts, and march towards victory- solo or with a team. Though initially advertised as transitioning into a free-to-play mode, the PvE component continues to maintain its stature as a premium experience, priced at $15.99.

Decking the Titan

While playing Fortnite is essentially free, Epic Games recently unveiled an enticing $11.99-per-month subscription called Fortnite Crew. This dangles the golden bait of full access to each Battle Pass, a fresh flow of 1,000 bonus V-Bucks every month and exclusive outfit bundles for subscribers. The game, spanning a sizeable download of 20GB, is currently available on various platforms, including Mac, PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Android. Compatibility with mobile devices and Nintendo Switch for the 'Save the World' mode is, however, restricted.

Another stellar feature that Fortnite comes adorned with is its integration with the Houseparty app. This opens up a fun window for PC and PlayStation users to sustain video chat amidst an adrenaline-pumped match.

Gameplay Galore

Expressively similar to its gritty antagonist, Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), Fortnite champions the battle royale theme with its vibrant aesthetics and intricate construction feature. The objective aisle is paved with heart-racing risks and rewards, as the last player or team standing gets crowned the winner. It's a thrilling recipe of wit, strategy, survival instincts, and swift reflexes.

Weapons in the Technicolor Titan

The game generously strews weapons around the map. Engagement with enemies becomes a nuanced dance of distance management, as closeness to the enemy increases the chances of eliminating them and vice versa. Albeit clunky, the shooting mechanics laced with satisfying rocket and grenade use afford an engaging combat experience.

The Charm of Construction

Set apart by its compelling construction mechanism, Fortnite empowers players to erect anything, given they have the resources for it. This includes materials like wood, bricks, and metal, gleaned from destructible objects scattered across the game map. This promises an engaging dynamic where players not only defeat others but also engineer their victory fortresses.


Mastering the twin arts of combat and construction, Fortnite continues to enthral the global gaming community. Though it bears the weight of a few setbacks like awkward combat and pervasive microtransactions, Fortnite shines as a technicolor titan and a go-to game for battle royale fans. The intricate balance of action, strategy, and creativity- all wreathed in zany graphics- makes Fortnite a relentless legend in the genre.


  • Enthralling, accessible gameplay
  • Unique construction system
  • Diverse, colorful graphics and game settings


  • Inconsistent combat dynamics
  • Overload of microtransactions
  • Limited access to PvE mode