FIFA Soccer

FIFA Soccer review

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Fifa Soccer is one of the most popular sports games for Android. It has very high ratings and thousands of downloads. The game is all about soccer. You can select any of the top soccer teams to play. You can even select your favorite team or national team. It has detailed gameplay wherein you can choose to play single matches, leagues, tournaments, club matches. You can even play multiplayer matches against your friends.


In this game, you control your football team in a series of soccer matches. You control the players to run down the field, pass the ball to other players, and attempt to kick the ball into the opponent's goal. The player can use the accelerometer to help them move in a direction. When the player has the ball, a timer will appear, indicating how long the player has to shoot the ball. If the player does not shoot the ball within the specified time, the ball will be returned to the other team.


The graphics of the game are good enough, they somewhat resemble old FIFA games for PC. Graphics are 3D and they are not very detailed, but let's be honest, you don't need a high level of detail in a soccer game. Graphics are in my opinion, perfect for mobile devices. It's not like they are the best graphics in the game, but they are good enough for mobile games.


In FIFA Soccer you have a big variety of choices among different soccer teams, options of singleplayer and multiplayer, and also the possibility to play in different modes. This game is one of the most popular soccer games and it is played by millions of people. This means you will always have people to play with and this game has good replayability.


FIFA Soccer is in my opinion, one of the most downloaded games in which you can play soccer on Android. This game is one of the best in its genre. I can recommend this game to all soccer fans because this game is really fun. I would give this game 9/10.


  • It is easy to play
  • You can play as your favorite team
  • Good graphics
  • It is a good game to play with friends


  • It is a bit boring