Facebook review

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Facebook is a social networking site that consists of a website and a mobile app. The website is a social networking site that allows registered users to interact with each other and share information over the internet. The website offers a way to upload and share images, videos, text and other multimedia content with others.


On the website, the user is presented with profile information of the people they are connected to. The user can also choose to view the profile information of people they are not connected to. There is also a section that lists what is trending. On the website, users can also post comments, share photos, and join groups. The user can also set up a personal message box which is a status update that is replaced every time the user logs in to the account. The website also has a section that consists of a user's notifications, which includes things like when someone posts on the user's timeline.


The mobile app offers the same functions as the website. However, it offers the user a chance to share their location with friends, who can then send the user messages and invitations. It also offers the user the ability to share their location with people who are nearby. The app also has a "Nearby Friends" feature which is a map that shows where all of the user's friends are located.

Data Access and Security of Facebook

Facebook has been criticized for its access to personal data. The website does not use SSL encryption to encrypt user data. This means that once a user enters their personal data, it is transmitted in plain text.


Facebook is a social networking site that allows users to interact and share information.



  • Facebook allows users to connect with friends both online and offline
  • It also allows the user to share their personal information with other people


  • Facebook can be seen as a distraction for some users