EA SPORTS™ FIFA 21 review

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FIFA Soccer is a game that is played on the Xbox One, PS5, and the PC. There are a total of 12 leagues, including the following: English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, Dutch Eredivisie, Brazilian Serie A, American MLS, Mexican Primera Division, Argentinian Primera Division, Dutch Eredivisie, and Japanese J. League. Download this game on PlayStation Store. The FIFA Soccer franchise has been around for a long time. It has changed and adapted over the years to be the best it can be.


Gameplay consists of a team of 11 players, and the game is played on a grass field. There are a total of 13 game modes, including the following: Single Match, Tournament, and Season. In FIFA Soccer, you get to control your favorite team, like England, Brazil, or Germany. You also get to play as your favorite superstar, like Ronaldo, Gerrard,  Dalglish,Zidane, or Neymar. You can play a quick game against the computer, a friend, or the whole world. You can even play in the Champions League.


The graphics are good, and the game is realistic in appearance. The graphics in FIFA Soccer have improved over the years. You can see the players on the pitch really well, and the 3D graphics are great. You can see the emotion on Ronaldo's face when he scores a goal and he takes his shirt off.

Information about replayability

The replayability of FIFA Soccer is high, because the game is realistic in appearance. If you want to play FIFA Soccer every day, then there's a lot of replayability. You can play as different teams and different superstars, and if you want to play for hours, you can play the game in different modes, which will then keep you playing for hours.


FIFA Soccer is a realistic game with lots of game modes and replayability. You can play as different teams and superstars, and the graphics are good but not as good as others.


  • The graphics are good
  • The replayability of the game is high because of the realism
  • There are lots of different game modes


  • The replayability of the game is high because of the realism
  • The graphics are not as good as others