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Discord - Chat for Gamers review

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Discord is a chatting app where you can hang out with your friends. This app is extremely popular around the world and widely used by gamers who want to chat while playing. It can be downloaded on the Android mobile platform.

Peculiarities of Design

Discord app is a rather social network than a simple chatting app. There are friendly communities that wait for you. The main focus is on the conversations between you and your friends. The primary color of the background is black. The white and blue letters are visible in such a setting from a distance. There are different emojis and stickers you can exchange with others. However, the main tools are not signed, and not always recognizable, especially for newbies.

Discord Main Services

Discord's main goal is to serve you the place to talk with each other while staying remotely. It is an excellent app for the quarantine period when you can’t physically come near your friends. Besides, there are some features you may also appreciate:

  • You may exchange the text, voice, and video messages with each other. You can do it 1:1 or in a group;
  • Voice chat is available even when you are playing online games. You can discuss the main strategy with your friends, while you are running to meet your rivals;
  • You don’t need to call. The icon on your profile will let your friends know you are ready to talk;
  • Check out other players’ streams, watch some beneficial technique from them, or show yours;
  • Create a fan group of your favorite game of character. You can moderate it and invite others.

Is it Simple to Navigate?

Despite the simplicity of features that Discord offers to you, some features are hidden from users in the first place. You will have to find them, learn the main tools and meaning of icons. There is a huge community behind the Discord app that enters it daily. Once you are there, you need to concentrate on your current demands. Learn the upper and below panel. There are versatile instruments that will make your stay in this app beneficial for you.

Free of Charge

The Discord app is free of charge and does not contain any ads that will annoy you while chatting. It offers in-app purchases for some advanced services. You can pay monthly or advanced yearly subscriptions and receive more benefits. Yet, you can use limited features without having to pay anything.

Hot or Not?

If you are a devoted player, you will find this app extremely beneficial for you. Without paying anything, you will stay in touch with your friends, arrange an audio chat, and meet inside the game. You will have to learn how to navigate the app and get to the features that may be unseen from the first look.