Twitter Beats Facebook User Count in Japan

  • 12-01-2022 |
  • Abigail Davis

Of course, Facebook is still the leading social media network on the planet, but the recent statistics show that it’s not a major brand in every country of coverage. According to Statcounter, the platform is still not a major player in Russia and China, which have a hard relationship with western-based media. The new statistics also reveal that the platform loses to Twitter in Japan, where 48,65% of the user base prefer Twitter, while only 16.4% use Facebook. Let’s take a deeper look into the stats. 


Suddenly, the only country in the world that has a similar prevalence of Twitter over Facebook is Uganda, but the reasons for that are not clear at all. Venezuela is in third place as Twitter and Facebook have almost the same user counts there. 

Unfortunately, Statcounter doesn’t provide any context to the data, so we analyzed the feedback of the user base. Many users say that they:
don’t like that Facebook forces everyone to use their real name;

  • find the automatic friend finder feature annoying;
  • see Facebook as a place for older users to show off;
  • lack anonymity. 

The booming growth of Twitter in Japan has started only in late 2017 with a simultaneous fall in Facebook popularity. Most probably, this is due to the reports of personal data leaks. However, Japanese users reacted much more notably than users from any other country. 

Still Leading

Despite its low presence in Japan, Facebook is still a market leader in the country as it also owns Instagram that takes the fourth position on the leaderboard in the country, and keeps growing rapidly. Do you think Instagram will overtake Facebook in Japan? Let’s chat about it in the comments and don’t forget to share the news on social networks. Stay tuned for more exciting stats and news as well!

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