Shocking Leak From ‘Facebook Papers’

  • 27-10-2021 |
  • Jackson Matthew

In front of the British Parliament, Frances Haugen testified about Facebook’s awareness of their harmful actions. A series of reports based on leaked internal documents, deemed “The Facebook Papers” left people speechless. Below are some of the most shocking discoveries taken from Haugen’s testimony on October 25th.

Facebook Support Problem

The news highlighted the fact that in India, Facebook completely failed in grappling with a wave of anti-Muslim propaganda and fake accounts interfering with the country’s political field. Facebook insists that they support 50 languages, but Haugen disagrees. According to her, most of the languages besides English get a minuscule part of the safety systems. Also, the corporation has been sticking with AI systems and a bit of human help in eliminating harmful content. 

It has been confirmed that workers at Facebook continuously raised awareness about misinformation on the site, but the leaders didn’t react properly. Publications claiming the 2020 election to be a fraud were put into a category along with the conspiracy theories and hesitation about vaccination. This led to the category being a gray area for people to spread misinformation without any consequences.

The Harmful and Threatening Side of Social Media

There also had been an incident of  Filipina maids being sold for detention in threatening conditions. Apple promised to delete Facebook and Instagram from its app store but reconsidered that after the company eliminated roughly a thousand profiles connected to the online sale of women. Although the issue seems to be resolved, human rights activists claim that maid-selling profiles can still be found.

Facebook claims that they are trying to cater more to the younger generation, and even though it takes hard work, it will most definitely pay off. What do you think about all these controversies Facebook has been in? Did you know about any of them previously? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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