Meta Introduces Upgraded 3D Avatars and New Customization Features

  • 07-02-2022 |
  • Jackson Matthew

While metaverse has a long way to go from now and definitely won’t be ready anytime soon, the Meta company continues to move in that direction one step at a time. The company has just introduced its improved 3D avatar customization process for both Messenger and Facebook. What is more, it will now be possible for people to use the created avatars in their DMs and Stories on Instagram.

Based on the images provided by the company, the improvements are evident and avatars look more like real people that they are supposed to depict. In addition to refining the facial features, the company added other customization opportunities. People that use wheelchairs or hearing ads can add such elements to their online representations. It will be interesting to see what other features will be added in the future to make the characters look more accurate and realistic.

The 3D avatars were first introduced as an option in the Facebook app in 2019 and it was possible to use them in posts, reactions, and as stickers. Some users of Facebook were interested in creating their own characters, but it hasn’t become a huge trend. This time, the company hopes that the improvements will attract more users to participate. The introduction of such features will also give Meta more opportunities for creating sponsored content.

At the moment, it’s obvious that Meta wants to become one of the pioneers when it comes to creating personalized virtual identities. The company plans that in the years to come people will have several avatars from photorealistic ones to more creative options. When it comes to realistic avatars, it will definitely be a long time before this will become a possibility.

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