Generous Funding Increases Discord’s Price to $15 Billion

  • 07-10-2021 |
  • Jackson Matthew

Discord social network recently received $500 million from the Dragoneer Investment Group. The money significantly increased the total value of Discord, which is now $15 billion. The free-of-charge platform is widely used around the world by gamers who want to stay in touch with each other during the game. It is not the first time investors sponsor Discord.

Apart from Dragoneer Group, Discord received funds from Baillie Gifford & Co, Fidelity Management & Research Co, Coatue Management, and Franklin Templeton. These organizations donated money to support Discord’s free services. Since the start of the pandemic, Discord has increased its popularity around the world. This platform is dearly loved and appreciated not only by gamers but users who prefer to keep in touch with each other during the lockdown. Although the situation with COVID-19 is coming at ease, Discord is still in demand. In the last year’s funding round, the company received a $7 billion price label from investors.

According to recent calculations, Discord has over 150 million active users. While it is popular among gamers, there is a wide range of communities and even study groups. Discord provides users with the ability to communicate with each other via video, voice, or text chats. Anyone can join Discord and find a friendly community by their interests.

The CEO and one of Discord’s founders, Jason Citron, released a statement of gratitude. There, he said that the donation would be used to implement the new tools and features. Part of the money will be used to expand the number of the company’s employees. Since Discord is on the edge of glory, numerous companies approach it offering generous terms of the acquisition. Microsoft offered $12 billion to buy Discord. However, the free platform rejected this offer.

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