Discord Denies Crypto Mining

  • 31-01-2022 |
  • Abigail Davis

After some users noticed that Discord allows the trades of cryptocurrency on the platform, the company decided to clarify the situation. Discord says they don’t mine any crypto. The statement was made yesterday after the problem was announced.

It started with a user nicknamed Snowy who shared concerns on Twitter’s page. This user has noticed that Discord’s server bots FredBoat and Carl-boat were advertising Piggy bot on the platform. Both of them had the third bot in the list of games.

Users become worried about Piggy since this bot apparently allows users to earn currency while performing a wide range of activities there. Once the currency is received it can be changed to any cryptocurrency of your choice. Anyone can adopt one piggy or several, raise them, fight with their enemies, and gain rewards for achievements. You can collect Piggy Gold, the in-game currency, and receive crypto instead.

Piggy Discord bot owners decided to clarify the situation. They publish their response on the official Twitter page. They assured us that Piggy is not a new bot, and we're offering the same options for over a year. According to Piggy representatives, this game is regulated and protected from scams. They decline the possibility of crypto mining or force others to mine it. Piggy is also linked to the USD. According to the company, piggy shares payments with users who install the game, so piggy receives payment too. There is a limit that allows users to withdraw $20 in a month.

Meanwhile, FredBoat removed the notification about Piggy after that. Bot Labs, the company that stands behind FredBoat and Carl-bot still mentions Piggy in its lists. Many users continue to suspect mining even after the official Piggy developers position was explained.

Have you checked Piggy's features? What do you think about Discord's cryptocurrency policy? Express your opinion in the comments below.

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