Amazing Frog?

Amazing Frog? review

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Amazing Frog? is a casual game with an unusual gameplay. The main goal of the game is to catch as many bugs as possible while avoiding enemies. The game is very simple and easy to learn, but it can be very challenging and addicting. Amazing Frog? is an indie game created by the indie game company, Oasis Games. The game was created by one person, and has been met with a lot of praise.


The gameplay is pretty simple. The player controls the frog by clicking on his head. When the frog claps, it will jump and catch a bug. The next goal is to avoid enemies, because they will hurt the frog. The game consists of only three worlds. The first world introduces the game and teaches how to play. The second world is inhabited by a frog, and the third world is inhabited by a giant spider. Amazing Frog? is an action game where player controls a frog, who has to collect flies and avoid enemies. The frog is able to perform a wide variety of actions. It is able to jump, swim, and move by hopping on the ground. The frog also has a variety of weapons and skills, which are used to destroy enemies and obstacles.

The gameplay is about a frog that has been turned into a human. The player’s goal is to get back to being a frog again. The player controls the frog’s movement with the arrow keys, and they can jump with the space bar. The frog can collect stars, and there are also other collectibles, as well as portals.


The graphics are not very detailed, but they are very colorful. The graphics of Amazing Frog? are really good and the game is optimized well for android devices. The graphics are simple and are not too detailed.

Information about replayability

Amazing Frog? might not be the game for you if you are looking for a game with a lot of replayability. The gameplay is pretty simple and it is also quite short. It is possible to finish the game in about 10 minutes. The game is very replayable, and it is possible to go back and try to get different endings.


Amazing Frog? is a simple game. It is not a hard game to get into, and the gameplay can be challenging. The game has a nice design, and the game is challenging. The game has a lot of replayability, and it is very challenging.


  • It is a very simple game, so it is not a hard game to get into
  • The game has a nice design
  • It is challenging


  • The gameplay is not very detailed
  • It is not possible to save the game
  • It can get boring after a while