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Toca Life World review

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Toca Life World is a sandbox game that lets players explore a digital world where they can interact with various characters, objects, and creatures. The game is geared towards children and young adults, with a focus on creativity and freedom of expression.


The gameplay in Toca Life World is essentially open-ended, with players free to explore the world and interact with the various elements therein. There are no goals to achieve or tasks to complete, which some players may find frustrating, but the game's focus on exploration and creativity should appeal to others. One interesting aspect of the game is that players can select different characters to control, each with their own unique abilities, which adds some variety to the gameplay.

The mechanics of playing Toca Life World are straightforward and quick to grasp. Players are able to create their own character, and then explore the world, completing tasks and challenges along the way. There are also many different buildings and locations to explore, including a school, a hospital, and a shopping mall.

They can interact with various characters in each location, and they can also create their own characters and worlds. The game offers a wealth of possibilities for creative play, and it also provides a sense of exploration and discovery.


The graphics in Toca Life World are colorful and stylized, with a cartoony aesthetic that will likely appeal to younger players. The environments are well-detailed and the character animations are smooth, making the game visually appealing overall.

The visual representation in Toca Life World is vibrant and appropriate for children. They are not realistic, but they are attractive and engaging. The game is designed to be easy for kids to play, and the graphics reflect that.


The controls in Toca Life World are simple and easy to learn, with players using a combination of taps and swipes to navigate the world and interact with objects. The controls feel natural and fluid, making the game easy to play. Kids can navigate around the world with ease, and they can interact with characters and objects using a variety of touch-based controls.


Toca Life World is a sandbox game with no real objectives, which means that players will likely only return to the game once they've exhausted all of its possibilities. However, the game is well-made and enjoyable enough that players may find themselves revisiting it often.


Toca Life World is a fun and creative sandbox game that will appeal to players of all ages. The gameplay is enjoyable and easy to learn, while the graphics are colorful and appealing.  All in all, Toca Life World is a well-made and enjoyable game that is sure to please players of all ages.

Toca Life World is an excellent game for kids. It provides a safe and secure environment for creative play, and it offers a wealth of possibilities for exploration and discovery. The graphics are colorful and child-friendly, and the controls are easy to use. The game is highly replayable, and it provides a lot of value for the price


  • The app is free to download and play
  • The activities are varied and interesting
  • The characters are well-designed and engaging
  • The ability to explore a variety of different locations
  • There are many different locations to explore, each with its own set of activities and characters


  • Some locations are not very detailed