Cat Jump

Cat Jump review

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Cat Jump is a game for mobile devices that challenges players to help a cat reach the top of a building by jumping from one platform to the next. The game is simple to pick up and play but becomes increasingly difficult as players progress. The objective of the game is to guide a cat through a series of obstacles using simple one-touch controls. The game is suitable for all ages. 


The gameplay in Cat Jump is simple but challenging. Players must help the cat jump from one platform to the next, avoiding obstacles along the way. The game starts out easy enough but quickly becomes more difficult as players progress. There are many different types of obstacles, and some platforms are moving, making it hard to land on them. Players must time their jumps carefully.

You can tap on the screen to make him jump, and hold down to make him jump higher. There are also power-ups that you can collect, which will help you clear obstacles and get a higher score. The game gets progressively harder the longer the player lasts.


The graphics in Cat Jump are colorful and cute. The characters and environments are well-designed and look great on mobile devices. The game runs smoothly and there are no major graphical issues. The graphics are not realistic, but they are still pleasant to look at.

The backgrounds are different colors, and the platforms and obstacles are also brightly colored. The cat is a white cartoon cat with a blue stripe down its back. The platforms and obstacles are all clearly visible, and the colors are bright and cheerful. 


The controls in Cat Jump are simple and easy to use. Players simply tap on the screen to make the cat jump. The game does a good job of teaching the player the controls through short tutorials at the beginning. The controls are responsive and work well, I never had any issues with them.


Cat Jump is a highly replayable game. There are many levels to play through, and each one gets progressively harder. Players will want to keep coming back to try and beat their previous best score. There is also a leaderboard where players can compare their scores with friends and other players.


Cat Jump is a fun and addicting game that challenges players to help a cat reach the top of a building. With simple controls and challenging gameplay, Cat Jump is a great game for mobile devices. The cute graphics and replayability make it a game that players will keep coming back to.

Cat Jump is a simple, yet addicting, mobile game. It is perfect for people who want to play a quick game on their phones. The game is also replayable, as the levels are randomly generated. If you're looking for a casual game to kill some time, Cat Jump is definitely worth checking out.


  • The game is free to play
  • The game is suitable for all ages
  • The music is cheerful and upbeat
  • The graphics are colorful and cute
  • The controls are easy to learn and use


  • The game can be challenging at times
  • The game can be quite repetitive