YouTube Music Has New Sparkle Image for Smart Downloads

  • 25-04-2022 |
  • Abigail Davis

YouTube Music has always been creative about making it easier for users to engage with the content on the platform. A while ago, the service introduced an exciting and handy feature called Smart Downloads that allowed Premium members to easily download up to 500 of their favorite songs and even entire albums to their mobile devices to be listened to offline. It has been helping music addicts enjoy a streamlined and uninterrupted listening experience when not connected to the Internet or looking to save on metered data.

Now, YouTube Music seems concerned with improving the façade of its app, which is why it has recently implemented a minor but crucial change to the design of its Smart Downloads menu. The curious tweak involves replacing the old lightning bolt icon with a sparkle icon that makes the feature stand out more and gives it a brand-new look. The sparkling icon is available for Android devices OS version 5.02.50; however, it is unknown when or if the company will roll out the feature for all Android and iOS users.

The modification will also appear on the Downloads page, where all your music albums and playlists are. The songs on your playlist that you have downloaded manually will still have a recognizable checkmark circle icon next to them.

To enable the Smart Downloads functionality, open the app and tap on the profile photo => Downloads => /Settings. Once there, activate the feature by clicking on Smart Downloads. You will be able to select the preferred number of songs that the app can store on your device and decide whether it should be permitted to use mobile data or just the Wi-Fi connection for refreshing what has been saved.

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