YouTube Music for Android Enables Sharing Tracks to Snapchat

  • 09-03-2022 |
  • Jackson Matthew

The music is always better when shared. YouTube Music finally implemented on Android the ability to share tracks on Snapchat – the feature that has been available for months on iOS. Now you can send your favorite tracks to your Snap friends and know whether your musical tastes match.

 The feature works just as you may suppose. As you are listening to a certain track on YouTube Music, you can just tap Share and select Snapchat among suggested methods. Within Snapchat, you can post the track to your story or share with specific friends in direct messages. The implementation is as simple as can be: when you share a track, the message contains the name of the track and the artist, the cover, and the direct link to it on YouTube Music. The background of the message of the story is gradient, using the color of the artwork of the track.

 What else could you expect, given that it’s Android? An ability to share the downloaded audio file? An integration with filters and masks so you can record your video to this track? This can appear later or in unofficial mods, but not in the original YouTube Music app. So far, it doesn’t diverge any far from what we have in an iOS version, and this is a bit surprising, as Android and YouTube/YouTube Music are both Alphabet projects.

 On the other hand, there must be a reason why even this simple implementation took so long. The simplest explanation is that the developers had to add and test it on all the supported versions of Android, on various hardware platforms, and this took more time than similar works on iOS. No further extension for YouTube Music and Snapchat integration has been announced.

 Will you share tracks from YouTube Music on Snapchat, or do you prefer other messengers? Did you expect more from this feature? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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