YouTube Adds Picture-in-Picture in US iOS App

  • 27-08-2021 |
  • Abigail Davis

If you’ve switched to iOS recently, you probably know that the picture-in-picture feature has been working on Android since 2018. It allows users to keep watching videos in a small window while using other applications. At last, YouTube revealed its plans to add this super-convenient element to the iPhone and iPad versions of the app.

Premium First

As YouTube told TechCrunch, it’s currently inviting only YouTube Premium account subscribers in the US. That’s because testing became a Premium-only feature in 2020. Premium users can test the feature until October 31, but the video hosting doesn’t reveal if it will be the date of release for the rest of the user base. We also don’t know if the feature will be available elsewhere outside the US. 

The feature will be offered on smartphones and tablets only, but, for some reason, the only way to start testing it is to open the desktop YouTube experiments website and agree to become a tester. You can easily find the “Picture-in-picture on iOS” feature on the list. Once you agree to use it, you will be able to swipe out of the app and keep watching your video in a smaller window that floats over other apps. You can choose the most convenient size and location of this window in the settings. If the option doesn’t appear, you might need to delete and reinstall the application to get it. If you use an older version, updating might also help. 

The picture-in-picture mode doesn’t have any control, it only views the video. If you want to pause it or switch to the next one, you have to tap the video to open the full app. You can also lock the phone and keep watching when you unlock it. 

Keep Waiting

Most iOS video streaming apps, including Netflix, adopted picture-in-picture long ago. At last, it comes to YouTube! Are you waiting for the feature to come? What else would you like to see in the iOS version? Join the chat below and share the announcement with friends.

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