Will We See Eminem in Fortnite?

  • 19-08-2022 |
  • Abigail Davis

Fortnite always reaches the news with its unexpected events and shows. The game doesn’t stop growing in numbers and still remains a fan-favorite around the world. Despite being an online game, it is also a giant platform for modern artists to stream their music.

Epic Games is famous for doing big collabs with companies like Disney, DC, Marvel, and many others. Even Christopher Nolan premiered a trailer for Tenet in the game back in 2020. We’ve seen Ariana Grande and Travis Scott perform in the game, and it seems like someone else is on the way.

Lately, fans have started to notice that there are only Eminem’s songs on the ICONs radio station. This doesn’t look like just a big coincidence because some of his biggest hits have been featured in the game. For example, Venom and Not Afraid. Users on Twitter have already compiled a full playlist from the game, and it looks promising.

Epic Games doesn’t do anything just for the fun of it, so fans expect explanations in the nearest future. Fortnite is a huge platform that holds a big audience of committed players, and it is no wonder Eminem got interested in promoting his music there.

The company is secretive right now. There are no new official statements, but quite a lot of teasers, like the latest Dragon Ball trailers. We can expect more details from the company, and the next few months definitely look very exciting considering all the circumstances.

Fortnite can become a full stage for Eminem, or maybe it is just additional content. Nevertheless, we can only guess before the company releases an official trailer or announces the event. For now, we will launch into the new Battle Season and hope for the good news.

Would you like to see Eminem in Fortnite? What do you think the event will look like? Please, share your ideas with us in the comments below.

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