WhatsApp to Add New Drawing Tools in Its Media Editor

  • 18-01-2022 |
  • Abigail Davis

WhatsApp slowly turns into a multifunctional social tool and creative environment. Why does an app for exchanging messages need pencils? In fact, it does, and the latest beta version of it has even three pencils, making its built-in image editor more powerful. Is this feature to make it to the release version any time soon?

After the new beta version for Android was released, the curious ones explored it inside out and found something curious: two more pencils in the built-in image editor, in addition to the existing one. With three pencils, now users can select how thick the line they draw will be. Present since times unknown in any more or less serious editor, it seems a little overkill for WhatsApp, the primary mission of which was quite simpler not so long ago.

Another tool that WhatsApp may soon introduce was also spotted in its image editor. Now it’s the blurring tool with which one can blur out fragments of pictures before sending them. We know what pictures came to your mind on reading this, but blurring out is required to conceal lots of things, like car plates, street addresses, phone and credit card numbers, and so on. So, this tool is probably even more important than pencils of varying thickness.

Of course, the built-in editor of WhatsApp is not Photoshop and not even Paint. Still, the developers know what changes most often have to be made to pictures before sending them to someone else. That’s why the editor is rather a must than a gimmick.

It’s not clear yet when (and whether) these new features will outgrow the beta status and make it to the release version. So far, they are only spotted in the betas. Chances are WhatsApp will not roll them out in the following weeks, as new features need to be perfected before that.

Do you often send photos and videos on WhatsApp? How often is there a need to highlight some detail with a pencil or conceal it by blurring out? Though our comments section doesn’t have an image editor yet, you still can leave a comment and share your WhatsApp impressions!

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