WhatsApp Might Add a Crypto-Wallet

  • 13-12-2021 |
  • Abigail Davis

Good news for all cryptocurrency investors. The world’s #1 messenger might add a wallet to store your crypto, make payments and do more stuff.

WhatsApp is running a new feature through a series of tests. It’s a crypto-wallet dubbed Novi. 

It will allow users to store their money in a blockchain-operated wallet, make payments, transfer money, give loans or borrow funds for various purposes.

In the past, Facebook tried to make its own cryptocurrency called Libra a mainstream success. However, it didn’t go well with the community, and instead, meme-coins like Doge or $TKing started gaining traction.

Now, Libra has changed its name to Diem. Perhaps, it will be the main intermediate option in the Novi wallet, which is also a property of Meta.

Meta sees a big opportunity in a market that’s been existing for a while now. The idea is that almost 2 billion people in the world neglect or can’t use the banking system.

They have no credit cards, don’t wire money, and have no access to loans for business, mortgage, and so on. 

This underprivileged stratum mostly comes from the countries where the banking system is either in the infancy stages or doesn’t exist at all.

For starters, the Novi wallet will be introduced in the USA and Guatemala. It is expected, that the wallet will feature a cavalcade of the mainstream cryptos including Bitcoin, Monero, USTD, Litecoin, Ethereum, Stellar, and probably a bunch of memetic tokens like Doge.

It is also suspected that Diem will be one of the intermediary coins. That implies, that for making certain operations, Diem will be required as a necessary element — probably for converting fiat to crypto, etc.

However, it’s just a theory and so far we don’t know much about Novi’s functionality as part of WhatsApp. But the idea of using crypto right in the messenger might be a home-hitter. 

Would you like to have a crypt-wallet in WA? Let us know in the comments!

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