Welcome Fortnite and Shotguns This Season

  • 18-07-2022 |
  • Jackson Matthew

Fortnite is running a new Season, and it is interesting to see how some weapons get more recognition in this one. Shotguns seem to be the hottest thing right now, and it is well deserved. We’ve seen Two-Shot Shotgun recently in its full power, but a new item is making its way.

This time, we can wait for the Prime Shotgun. Twitter is booming with news about the exciting weapon since it is full of intricate details. It is a semi-automatic shotgun, and its main feature deals more damage when fully loaded. This weapon will be a good choice for those who always prefer to push a reload. Of course, the Prime Shotgun can also become a new way to open an encounter.

Moreover, there is something else that can catch your eyes. It is a rather hot summer, and Epic Games decided to cool it down with a new addition – ice cream. There will be different types of food you can pick up – a standard ice cream cone will grant you some health, spicy ice cream can give some speed and health, and the ice cream cone restores a little bit of health and makes everything around you “slippery.”

But what about a bonus? Lil’Whip’s Special Serve restores your shield and health, but it might be pretty hard to find. Nevertheless, it is a worthy item to keep if you need to escape death in a hot battle. Of course, you can give up hunting ice cream across the map and just keep fishing like always. There are many different ways you can ensure your safety in combat.

Fortnite comes in a clutch of new updates: musical-themed maps can keep you entertained for several hours, and some leaks say that the next theme for a patch will be Transformers. We will wait for more announcements and ensure no updates are missed.

Would you like to enjoy an ice cream on Fortnite? What is your preferred weapon of choice? Please, let us know your opinion in the comments below.


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