Twitter Looks to Make Reminders For Specific Tweets a Native Feature

  • 19-03-2023 |
  • Jackson Matthew

The need to access and remember important information is a fundamental part of modern life and technology. Twitter has now stepped up to the plate by potentially introducing new functionality that would enable users to set a notification to be reminded about a specific tweet at whatever future point of their choosing. 

This feature, known as "Remind Me of This Tweet," could be accessed by simply mentioning the relevant Twitter handle with a time frame, and the bot account would send out an alert when the chosen time comes. It is no doubt a great addition, as there are various scenarios where an individual may need to make a note of a tweet, such as when following a sports team or a particular event. 

It should be noted, however, that similar services already exist in the form of automated bot accounts. Twitter's decision to potentially implement the same feature could be seen as a snub to third-party developers, especially with the company's recently announced API changes, which will drastically increase the prices of access. 

Some users may be unaware of the current third-party tools. Thus, making such features natively available would no doubt be beneficial in terms of accessibility and ease of use. Nevertheless, Twitter will have to weigh up the pros and cons of integrating similar services in the future, bearing in mind the potential impact on the development community. 

In conclusion, Twitter is potentially rolling out a new reminder notification feature in the near future. While this could have various benefits for the users, it could also have implications for third-party developers who already provide similar services through automated bot accounts. It will be interesting to see how this plays out and what the implications may be for all parties involved.

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