Twitch and Netflix Co-Stream League of Legends Anime

  • 20-10-2021 |
  • Abigail Davis

“Arcane” is the name of the anime series based on the cult League of Legends by Riot Games. Fans have been waiting for its release for a long time, and the trailer shown in September fueled their interest. Finally, the exact date of a premiere has become known. It will take place on November 6th at 7 PM PDT, just after the final of the large-scale World Championship 2021.

Netflix, which has been developing this project, decided to attract even more gamers to watch this show. According to Riot Games, the company has allowed Twitch users to stream the series. Just imagine 30+ countries, 20+ languages, and an audience of over a quarter of a billion people! By the way, fans will be able to watch anime for free. To make this event even more ambitious, the creators will host a red-carpet event at their headquarters.

Now a little about the series, if you have not yet had time to study thematic materials and familiarize yourself with the fan theories. The plot will be based on Jinx’s and Vi’s story and the events leading up to the game that will allow a deeper look at the relationship between the main characters. The anime will take place in Piltover and Zaun (the two main cities of the game).

It is also known that the entire series will be divided into three main acts, each consisting of three episodes. There will be a total of nine episodes, but unlike most other Netflix projects, they will not be released on the same day. The premiere of the first act, as already mentioned, will take place on November 6th. In a week, on November 13th, users will be able to watch the second part, and in another week, on November 20th, the third one.

Please share your opinion in the comments. Are you looking forward to anime? Or do you think Netflix should stop turning popular game franchises into TV shows?

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