Top-5 GTA: San Andreas PC Mods 2021

  • 28-07-2021 |
  • Abigail Davis

What? GTA: San Andreas? In 2021? No way! Actually, the game is still extremely popular, and many fans across the world keep exploring Los Santos and clashing with other players in GTA SAMP multiplayer. However, the game is 17 years old, and playing it without any modes is quite boring! Below are 5 must-have modes to bring the legendary title to the new level. 

1. GTA SA IV LOS Santos

This new mode uses GTA IV textures to upgrade the visuals of the 2004 game to the much more appealing style of GTA IV. Due to the texture pack and new lighting system, the world of the game becomes much more realistic and exciting to explore. The good news is that your game won’t take much more space after the update. 

2. First-Person View Mod

We’ve already seen the world of GTA V from the first-person perspective, but, hey, why don’t we have the same feature in San Andreas? Now you can enable it by installing this small camera tweak. Although the interiors of all vehicles are totally ugly, driving becomes much more immersive. Besides, the mode makes both melee combat and gunfights much more realistic. 

3. Parkour Mode

There are so many roofs and steep hills in this game, right? At last, someone came up with an idea to make a decent parkour mode to allow you to run and jump through the city like a real Yamakasi. It makes Carl incredibly agile and almost invulnerable to falling. 

4. Overdose Effects

This is another must-have mode for graphics. It brings updated visual effects, such as improved explosions, fire, smoke, water, etc. It makes the game much more impressive!

5. GTA V Graphics ENB

If you have a powerful PC and don’t mind adding extra gigabytes to the game file, this mode is for you. It brings GTA V HD textures and lighting, making the game look perfect!

More to Explore

These are only 5 of the most remarkable new modes for GTA: SA, but you can download hundreds more to enhance your gameplay in virtually any way! What’s your favorite mode for this GTA, by the way? Share the listing with friends and join the chat in the comments.

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