TikTok’s First Ever International Gaming Event Announced

  • 22-10-2022 |
  • Jackson Matthew

You may associate TikTok solely with bite-sized vids. But the company is currently doubling down on promoting its first ever worldwide gaming show. Yes, you read it right. The future of gaming is about to unravel. Stay tuned for details. 

TikTok is currently working on bringing together some notable video game publishers, developers, streamers, and other industry leaders in order to successfully press-play its first worldwide gaming broadcast scheduled for early November. 

Dubbed ‘TikTok Made Me Play It’, the broadcast will comprise two standalone parts. Various famous attendees are invited, and are sure to spice up the entire show with their presence, as well as their brilliant ideas. It looks like TikTok is very serious about dominating the gaming industry.

Following the trend of in-depth influence of gaming, the speakers will bring up the role that TikTok currently plays in advertising and engaging in video games. With that said, the event will have a quality educational program. TikTok representatives will teach game devs and corporations how to succeed in producing the most engaging short-form vids. 

As of today, TikTok has surpassed Netflix and become the second most widely used application in the US among people under 35. TikTok’s first steps in the gaming direction were made in Asia, where it reportedly released video games. Later on, in collaboration with mobile devs like Nitro Games and Voodoo, TikTok rolled out a set of bite-sized in-app titles.

The company’s efforts to create a US-focused gaming product have been fairly lightweight, but with some investments and tenaciousness, TikTok is bound to succeed and become a major player on the mobile gaming scene. You are welcome to comment on this post if you have anything to add on the topic.

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