TikTok Voted the Most Trusted Social Media Platform for Advertisers – the Latest Kantar Survey Reveals

  • 18-09-2022 |
  • Jackson Matthew

A recent survey from Kantar – a leading UK-based market research company – reveals that TikTok was voted the most innovative and creative ad platform by over 18,000 users and 900 senior marketing managers. Advertiser interest in the app peaked significantly after September 2021, which is when the platform reached a crucial milestone of over 1 billion users who log in monthly to watch short clips algorithmically attuned to their preferences.

The survey shows that regular consumers typically view TikTok as a fascinating and fun place to spend time, and media buyers praise it for being a trustworthy advertising market that puts considerable effort into promoting brand safety initiatives. The acknowledgment is all the more remarkable given that the skepticism surrounding social media branding has been causing marketer trust to decrease across the board for all big-time platforms, that is, all except TikTok.

While its marketer trust score has improved since last year, TikTok has moved from the first into the second position in the ranking for advertising equity. Ad equity measures the value of the brand’s advertising to the end user, so the higher it is, the better results the brand’s ad campaign will yield.

Reacting to the survey findings, TikTok released a message where it pointed out that its immense community of talented creators was the driving force behind marketer success and encouraged brands to seek more cooperation with creators to promote their products and services.

Do you agree with the Kantar survey results regarding TikTok’s growing popularity and marketer trust? Are you working with creators to make your products or services known to a broader audience of TikTokers? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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