Telegram Is Testing a New Feature to Allow iOS Users React to Messages with Emoji

  • 28-12-2021 |
  • Abigail Davis

Telegram – a frills-packed communication platform – has been generously dishing out new features to please its fans. Shortly after announcing the imminent arrival of the hiding spoiler option, this popular instant messaging app got itself busy testing another exciting feature, namely the ability to respond to user messages with Instagram DM-like emoji – but currently only in the iOS version.

How will the reaction emoji feature work in Telegram?

According to several Reddit sources and backed up by a report of Android Police, the beta version of Telegram for iOS has recently been given a batch of 11 emoji, with which users can react to messages in groups without bothering to type texts or even just words. Among others, the default collection contains symbols of hearts, thumbs up, thumbs down, party poppers, laughter, and screaming faces. All pictures are animated to make each user response feel more entertaining.

Reportedly, a click on a message in group chats or Telegram channels will let users see exactly which reactions other people have left in response to each text. However, administrators will likely be able to deactivate the feature or allow for only some emoji to be used.

What is next?

Although the emoji reaction feature has so far been discovered only in the iOS beta version of the application, there is little doubt that the novel functionality will work its way to Android devices too. WhatsApp – Telegram’s immediate competitor – is said to have a team working on a similar toolkit. When implemented, the new WhatsApp feature will help make cross-platform communications with Instagram and Meta Messenger users more smooth.

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