Streams on TikTok Might Be the Next Big Thing

  • 13-04-2022 |
  • Jackson Matthew

Social media trends are becoming more bizarre each year. TikTok has been on the rise for quite a while, but there is something that might boost its growth even more.

TikTok has been following the progress of a similar app that has installed more than 600 million followers in China – Douyin. The latter platform has already surged much more functions than its western-orienteered part, but it doesn’t mean that TikTok will be far away from it.

Live-streaming is a big part of Douyin, and eCommerce is thriving among broadcasters. The app has a lot of features that help creators promote their profiles across the platform. Estimated shopping revenues on the app are about to reach $400 billion in China this year.

TikTok has already been promoting its live-streaming features with hundreds of accounts going live nearly every day. There is content for everyone: sports, anime, education, and many more. With regular donations in in-app currency, these streamers have built a big audience on unusual things.

For TikTok to reach even a small part of Douyin’s success, it will need to implement the functions that already exist on the Chinese app. For example, one-click purchase buttons that function on the live stream, marks tied to geolocation, and different shopping tags.

It is still unknown if Western media will be interested in the progress of live-streaming as it is in China. But TikTok is currently working on adding new features that will expand the broadcasting abilities of its creators. eCommerce is a big part of TikTok’s revenue, and the app will certainly take its time to implement more user-friendly functions for its promotion.

Do you think live-streaming will become a new trend on TikTok? What can TikTok do to attract more creators to the platform? Please, share your ideas in the comments below.

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