Snapchat Enables Sharing Videos from the YouTube App on iOS and Android

  • 04-04-2022 |
  • Abigail Davis

The latest Snapchat update enables its users to share YouTube videos. This possibility requires collaboration and coordination between YouTube and Snapchat apps, so it is more important than it might seem. Now, you can choose any YouTube video and make it a snap or a story on your Snapchat page.

To share a video from YouTube, you only need to tap the Share button in the YouTube app below the video and select “Snapchat”. As YouTube opens the Snapchat app, you see the default editor with the sticker that contains the YouTube video preview and the direct link to it. You can create a story or a snap where this video becomes an integral part. Record your comment to this, add some background with a filter, or add stickers to express your attitude towards the videos you share.

Is this video funny? Does it shock you, amuse you, seems important or, on the contrary, harmful and misinformative? Whatever it might be, you can now create snaps with creative and powerful YouTube-powered stickers. This makes your Snapchat even more powerful a tool for self-expression. If you are a reviewer, you can review videos in snaps and then post it elsewhere, like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. If you are a YouTuber yourself, this is a great way to promote your videos among your Snapchat subscribers.

This well combines with all the tools that Snapchat already offers. The wealth of stickers, filters, and AI-powered effects is now combined with the wealth of videos on YouTube and (in case you use your own videos) its powerful tool base.

The new feature is available for both Android and iOS. Regardless of the OS, you will need the YouTube app as well to enjoy this possibility. Have you already appreciated this fantastic union with its new dimension of creative freedom? And would you like to watch stories on Snapchat with YouTube videos integrated? Down in the comments, let us know what you think!

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