Sensational Cookie Clicker to Launch Steam Version Soon!

  • 18-08-2021 |
  • Abigail Davis

The sensational browser indie game Cookie Clicker celebrates its 8th birthday! Since 2013, the title has gained a huge fan base and over 4 million daily active players. The great news is that the game stops being a web browser exclusive on September 1 and comes to Valve’s popular game store, Steam. 

Remarkable Release

The upcoming official Steam release of Cookie Clicker won’t only transfer the popular game into a more convenient format for players, but will also introduce several improvements. First of all, it will be the most advanced version of the game that includes all the best improvements that have been released over the 8-year development cycle. Second, it will support the new automatic cloud saving option, a brand new soundtrack by Minecraft’s famous composer C418, and over 500 Steam achievements that you can unlock after downloading the game. There are also rumors that the Steam version will include various mini-games and over 600 upgrades. 

What’s Cookie Clicker?

If you’re new to the game, and the word sensational in the title baited you, here is a brief description. Cookie Clicker is a cookie generation game with semi-passive gameplay. It allows you to generate a fortune of cookies by baking cookies and buying various “profitable” game assets that will generate more. The sake of the game is to collect as many pastries as possible, and there is no end to the process. It might sound a bit weird, but the gameplay is actually addictive! 

Try It for Free

So is all this cookie glory worth your $4,99? You can easily check it out by playing the original free game in your browser. Believe it or not, but you will get sucked in very quickly. Fortunately, almost the entire game is played in the background. How do you like it? Share your impressions in the comments below and invite your friends to play along. See who makes more cookies faster! 

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