Say Goodbye to the ‘Car View’ on Spotify

  • 01-12-2021 |
  • Jamie Webster

Spotify announced that it will remove the ‘Car View’ feature. It helped the driver to navigate through the app, upon connecting it to the vehicle via your phone, by simplifying the design and Now Playing page. Some users suspected this news after recent updates.

The users saw the feature going missing somewhere in the middle of October, so the question appeared if Car View would be removed soon completely. One of the moderators then confirmed on the official Spotify forum, that the company had decided to give up on the feature.

It is important to note, that Spotify doesn’t abandon trying to help with your driving experience, right now the developers are actively researching new methods on how to improve the app’s work in the vehicle. The moderator asked to see this removal as the way of clearing the path for future updates as some of them are about to be applied to the app.

The best way to use Spotify while on the way right now is to control the app with Google Assistant. The company claimed that new improvements are on their way, which will affect your experience with Spotify in the car, however, it hasn’t been totally stated what will they bring.

This news seems to be tied to Spotify’s new tool. Car Thing has made its entrance in April. It’s a device that lets Spotify Premium users control the app with certain voice commands through their phone. It’s equipped with a touchscreen and volume knob.

Right now it’s hard to say whether the Car Thing introduction directly affected the removal of Car View from the mobile apps, but this way company forces people to spend an additional $80 for the device, that has the same functions as the feature previous to it.

Do you think Car Thing will be able to replace Car View? Will you buy the additional device or stick to Google Assistant? Let us know your opinion in the comments below. 


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