PUBG Mobile 4th Anniversary Presents Easter Eggs

  • 21-03-2022 |
  • Jackson Matthew

Hurray! PUBG Mobile is celebrating its 4th Anniversary. Similar to all the previous anniversaries, developers add loads of new stuff into the game. This time, Krafton has scheduled multiple events, including the release of a short clip series dedicated to the celebration. Read on for more details!


The anniversary update is already available with a 1.9.0 version number. Developers have considered fans’ excitements about the latest Spider Man and added the world of Holy Damaka, a new No Way Home mode as well as Santorini and Jujutsu Kaisen.

Besides, a brand new Sky Island appeared in Erangel and Livik. You can land on one of the two sky islands when you parachute from the plane. Both islands have unique terrain designs for exploration and strategy making. The most exciting pots on the islands so far are the winter-themed castle with lots of corridors, and a pyramid similar to the ones you can see in Egypt. Don’t forget to look at your character’s face after landing too as it will turn into a cute emoji circle as you land on one of the sky islands. Finally, don’t forget to loot up the coins on the islands as they will be very useful on the ground. You should do everything quickly while you are there as the time in the sky is limited and you will fall to the ground automatically when it runs out. You may also fall down earlier if someone beats you up. 

Time to Celebrate! 

Call all your teammates and parachute to the new sky islands to get the freshest loot so far and test your survival skills in the new environment. Have you already tried the anniversary update? Tell and about your impressions, then! Your friends will also be very thankful if you share this update report with them on social media. Stay tuned as much more exciting gaming news is on the way. 

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