Prepare for New Emojis on Your Devices

  • 19-09-2021 |
  • Jackson Matthew

Soon you can expect another replenishment of emoji options on your devices. Using emojis has long been a convenient way to express your emotions in a dialogue, but the demand for new options continues to grow. According to the Unicode Consortium's last announcement, we will see 112 brand-new variants, including 37 emoji icons and 75 skin tones. This update was announced alongside Unicode 14.0 back on July 15th, just before World Emoji Day.
So what exactly 2022 Emoji 14.0 update will bring us?

Specs of Emoji 14.0

First of all, it is worth mentioning heart-hands gestures, which should have long been on the list. It will also add hands with heart-shaped-crossed fingers that have gained popularity thanks to K-Pop fans.

Emotions, both funny and vital, will also be in a coming update. For example, a melting face or lip bite is most likely added just for fun. Face with open eyes and a palm to a mouth, a friendly face, a face with a peeping eye, and a face holding back tears will be convenient options for expressing emotions for many.

The mentioned lineup will be available on Android and Apple devices as well as on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. When will these Emoji 14.0 updates arrive on your devices? Expect that to happen either early next year or later this year, with one of the future OS releases.

Get Ready for the Update

What we have today is the final version of the emojis that were selected in mid-July. They are not much different from the draft version, but some changes have been made. In addition, the Unicode Consortium is officially adding formal support for a variety of skin tones via the handshake emoji for the first time. In the past, large developers have added this feature to their apps themselves.

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