Possible News About GTA Online DLC

  • 20-07-2022 |
  • Jackson Matthew

GTA Online still gets many updates from Rockstar to make the game involving and colorful for players. Reportedly, there is a DLC in work currently taking the name DLC Pack 1. Of course, there are no official statements from the company, so we can only guess what to wait for.

With patches in GTA Online, players usually get new vehicles and weapons. And this update doesn’t seem to change much. The leaks come from GTA Forums, and there are users who are really popular among the community. So far, we can expect 26 new vehicle slots because ordinary 10-car garages in the game carry three additional places for bicycles. All in all, it seems like the players will be able to buy two more garages or apartments.

The last part didn’t sound so exciting since we are all used to getting new vehicles or storage. Nevertheless, there are two weapons that might appear in the game soon. One is a “tactical rifle,” and the other exists with the codename “PRCSRIFLE.” There are no specific details about them now, but it is good to know they are at least in the works.

Moreover, you can expect new skydiving modes that might be connected with a unique collectible related to the activity. Additionally, it seems like we can finally see some new movements outside San Andreas.

Of course, this information is not confirmed by Rockstar, so we can only guess if the leaks are accurate. We will need to wait for more details to be shared in the future to understand the size of the new GTA Online DLC.

Rockstar Games didn’t give any comments, and the situation remains unnoticed by the company. Don’t take this information as something completely real because leaks can give us only so much actual data.

What would you want to see in the new DLC? Which part of GTA Online is your favorite? Please, share your ideas with us in the comments below. 


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