Pokémon HOME for iOS Gets a Catch Calendar Update

  • 26-05-2021 |
  • Jackson Matthew

If you have a Nintendo DS/Switch and a collection of Pokémon games on it, plus an iPhone, you have probably installed Pokémon HOME. First, this app was great for transferring your Pokémon collection from your old console to a new one. But don’t drop it when you’re done: as a great companion, it delivers its own benefits. Alas, it’s only for iOS. It’s not clear whether the Android version will receive an update like this, with all its perks.

For example, the latest update named Catch Calendar works as a timeline, showing you all your Pokémon in chronological order. In the card of the Pokémon, you see the information of the Pokémon’s age. If you’re a serious player, or a member of a community with its traditions and rites, you can celebrate anniversaries, for example, of the first Pokémon you ever caught. Why not enjoy it alone, after all?

Other great features of the update include 3D view that lets you see the Pokémon in your Home from different angles. Last but not least: the app will distribute a special Mystery Gift, with exclusive versions of Bulbasaur and Squirtle with Gigamantix factor.

Experienced trainers are already checking for their iPhones – or planning to get one if they are still on Android.

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