PlayStation Store Brings Accessibility Tags To Games On PS4 And PS5

  • 04-04-2023 |
  • Abigail Davis

Sony has taken a big step forward in making its gaming platform more accessible. The company recently added new accessibility tags to games on the PlayStation Store, making it easier for gamers with disabilities to find titles they can enjoy playing. 

The new accessibility tags are part of the PlayStation Store’s product listings, and users can filter out games based on what kind of accessibility features they need. Currently, the tags cover features like text-to-speech, one-handed gameplay, colorblind support, and others. Sony has provided a dedicated page for the tags, which outlines the available options and explains how to use them. 

The addition of accessibility tags is a welcome move from Sony, as it makes it easier for gamers with disabilities to find titles that are suitable for them. It also helps developers make their games more accessible, as they can now easily add tags to indicate the features their titles offer. 

The tags aren’t perfect yet, though, as some games are still missing them. Sony is working on adding more tags in the future, and it’s likely that the feature will be improved over time. 

Sony’s introduction of accessibility tags to the PlayStation Store is a great step forward in making gaming more accessible. The tags make it easier for gamers with disabilities to find titles they can enjoy, and they also help developers make their games more accessible. While there are still some improvements to be made, it’s good to see that Sony is taking steps to make its gaming platform more inclusive.

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