Over 25 Million Nintendo Switch Already Sold in Japan

  • 28-06-2022 |
  • Abigail Davis

The Nintendo Switch continues to reach new heights. This console juggernaut has repeatedly become the leader in sales of video games. The PlayStation5 has still surpassed it this year, being the most popular console in the US. But despite this, it is the Switch that is the main source of income for Nintendo. A report published in Japan's Famitsu let us know that more than 25 million Nintendo Switch have been sold in the country. Daniel Ahmad, a video game statistics analyst, believes that this achievement puts the console in third place among the best-selling consoles in Japan of all time.

The number of Switch sales is rapidly approaching the number of console sales, which so far occupy 1st and 2nd place on the list. An interesting fact is that the leaders of the rating are the handheld consoles the Nintendo DS and the Game Boy, which were sold in Japan in the amount of 32.9 and 32.4 million, respectively. Also, it is important to note that these two consoles were released a very long time ago compared to the Nintendo Switch, which became available for purchase in March 2017 and has already almost caught up with the top sellers in the country. This data suggests that Switch is incredibly popular and will soon surpass its old-school competitors.

If you think that such a strong demand for the Nintendo Switch is only something that is happening in Japan, you are mistaken. This console is a real hit in the US, ranking as the 4th bestselling console of all time. The main reason why this console is popular is most likely the huge library of games it has to offer. One way or another, no one will be shocked if one day the Nintendo Switch becomes the number one selling console in Japan, and possibly in several other countries.

Why do you think Nintendo Switch is so popular? Do you think it will ever be the number one most used console in Japan? Please share your opinion with others below!


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