Now You Can Join TikTok’s Discord Server

  • 22-12-2021 |
  • Jackson Matthew

Discord has been providing its services to many brands already, and its features bring a whole community of the brand together, allowing the members to connect with someone of their interest. Like that, TikTok also decided to launch its Discord server.

The first news was released on the official Twitter account of the app and then confirmed on the platform itself. You can chat to people about anything on this server, as there are no limits to the topics discussed on the channels: food, films, book recommendations, and much more

TikTok welcomes you on its Discord with the phrase that it is just like your feed: made especially for you. Take a look at the never-ending battles in the comments or make references that your parents won’t ever understand.  Of course, there is a set of rules you need to know and obey, they include no promotion and crypto buying, no NSFW content, offensive slurs, etc. After accepting all of the needed principles, you can also add your gender pronounces and customize your name on the server.

Right now, the count has reached only 400 people on Discord, and TikTok claims it to be a “soft launch”. The intense growth of the channel is not favorable to its five moderators, as it would be really hard to regulate and organize the chat of 300,000 users at once.  

TikTok has established a ‘slow mode’ feature to its server, which allows people to send messages every 30 seconds, it is supposed to reduce spam and make the work for the admins easier.

On the channels, you can introduce yourself, ask for support and feedback, find and share TikTok sounds. The conversations seem to flow calmly, so maybe the Discord server idea was quite successful for the platform in the end.

Will you join the new Discord server? How do you think it will affect TikTok’s popularity? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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