NFTs and Final Fantasy 14

  • 23-02-2022 |
  • Jackson Matthew

You might’ve heard a lot about NFTs already, and some news that the president of Square Enix, Yosuke Matsuda, showed his interest in such tokens has been going around made the fanbase of the game a little bit concerned. 

This came as a shock to the players because the awaited release of Final Fantasy 14 could bring something unexpected. Since it is a live-service game, with a lot of in-game transactions that can help you out in upgrading through the story, NFTs can make an easy way into the donation system. For a regular gamer, such payments might be the main reason for leaving the project because it really complicates the gameplay and intervenes with the player’s progress. Although, you can sigh in relief as Yoshida has recently declared, that no such additions will be made. 

The company president has assured the fans that there will be no NFTs in Final Fantasy 14 because it wasn’t designed as an only-donations system. Square Enix doesn’t have any intentions to add non-fungible tokens to their games, as of now. Final Fantasy 14 will have the same payment system as previous games of the series. We see our players and respect their opinions about the update. 

Despite such a turn-around, there is some more good news for the fans. The free trials have started on February 22, and you can still take your chance to become one of the testers of the game. We also can expect a graphic update in the upcoming Version 7.0. It is supposed to smoothen the graphics and add more realism to skin, gear, hair, and shading. Of course, with the upgrade, the higher resolution textures of the whole world will also come around.

Are you excited about the release of Final Fantasy 14? Do you think NFTs will actually make their appearance in further projects? Please, tell us your opinion in the comments below.

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